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Supported Phones

Note this is not a comprehensive list of supported phones, only the ones that have been tested. If you have trouble running Go Bible on your phone check out the Go Bible Forums.

Phone Go Bible 1.0 Go Bible 2.0 Max JAR sizeJava storageScreen size
Alcatel OT756 Yes Yes 256KB4MB128x160
LG 8110 Yes Yes ?14MB176x220
Motorola A008 Yes ? ?1.5MB240x320
Motorola A760 Yes Yes No limit8MB240x320
Motorola T720 Yes No 64KB640KB120x160
Motorola V300 Yes Yes No limit5MB176x220
Motorola V500 Yes Yes No limit5MB176x220
NEC e606 WAP only No 32KB32MB132x162
NEC e616 WAP only No 96KB19MB176x240
Nokia 5100, 6100, 6610, 6800, 7210, 7250 Yes No 64KB600KB-4.6MB128x128
Nokia 6230 Yes Yes 128KB2MB128x128
Nokia 6600 Yes Yes No limitNo limit176x208
Siemens C65 Yes Yes No limit5MB130x130
Siemens S55 Yes No No limit921KB101x80
Sony Ericsson K500i Yes Yes No limit12MB128x160
Sony Ericsson K700i Yes Yes No limit40MB176x220
Sony Ericsson K750i Yes Yes No limit40MB176x220
Sony Ericsson P900, P910 Yes Yes No limitNo limit208x320
Sony Ericsson T610 Yes No No limit2MB128x160
Sony Ericsson Z600 Yes No No limit2MB128x160